Bet on Yourself. You never lose if you bet on yourself.

Bethabit is a system you can use to challenge yourself with money to create good habits.

Here’s how:

First step

Define the goal you want to achieve in a reasonable timeframe

Define a goal that you believe you can achieve in a reasonable timeframe. Such as; I will get ready for the marathon in 28 days. I will lose 3 kgs in 21 days. I will earn $500 in 28 days. I will find a new girlfriend in two months. I will quit smoking in 3 months.

Second step

Define the habit that will make you achieve that goal

Define the daily habitual activity you will do to achieve your goal. Such as; I run 30 minutes every day. I will intermittetly fast every day. I will cold call 50 customers every day. I will say hi to 10 girls I like every day. I will stay away from smoking every day.

Third step

Risk your money to lose if you don't follow through

Pay us any deposit amount that is considerable for you to lose if you don't follow through. For example; if you will run 30 minutes a day for a month, you will run 30 minutes a day for a month - or you will lose your $100 deposit.

Step four

Prove us that you do what you say to get your deposit back

Provide us a very simple video to prove that you do what you say everyday. For example, if you run 30 minutes a day for 28 days, run everyday while your phone recording in your hand and provide that video to us. So, we check that you really do run to return back your deposit. We do this for 42 services.


Why should you care?

Because as we all do, you want to create a habit that lasts but somehow you can't.

We are here to tell you the reason, and show you the solution.

Reason is, you are a human and humans are very limited in willpower to create habits.

Solution is, to use your brain in a specific way that all successful people use.

Your brain has three command centers being built on top of its predecessor.

Reptilian brain; which handles your biological functions of survival such as breathing, reproduction, avoiding pain, seeking pleasure, food and shelter.

Mammalian brain; which enables you to have feelings of love, sympathy and empathy.

Neocortex; which handles your logical thinking, planning and reasoning.

These command centers stack one on top of the other, and when there is a decision to make, your reptilian brain almost always wins.

That means if you have a strong urge to eat food, you can try to will yourself away from it with neocortical reasoning, but at some point you will burn through your willpower and finally give in.

The longer a biological imperative is ignored, the more likely you are to have your reptilian brain take command of your mind and body and fulfill its will despite what your neocortex thinks it wants.

This is why dieters fail on their attempts (seek food). People give up working out (avoid pain). People become addicted to drugs (seek pleasure). People get married and have children(mate and reproduce).

In a research by the Journal of Clinical Psychology, average person makes the same financial life resolution more than 10 times without success.

Fighting against your nature is a battle you will lose. In fact, nature is very good at taking control of those people who are trying to fight their nature instead of looking for ways to proactively satisfy their natures.

The most successful people of this world are not the ones who are born limitless in their abilities and willpower.

They are ones who find ways to work around their natures to achieve what they want.

So, how do you work around your nature to achieve what you want?

You can do it by using your powerful neocortex.

You can logically risk a more important biological imperative to satisfy a less important biological imperative.

This is how a chain smoker quits and never returns back when he finally hears these words from his doctor.If you continue to smoke, you will die.

(survive > seek pleasure)

This is how the majority of people go to work every day. If they don’t work, they don’t earn money to provide food and shelter.

(survive > seek pleasure)

In the Agrarian Age, money was not that important because the land could provide food and shelter without money. Once we moved into the cities, money signified life itself. Today, money means survival.

So you can quite proactively use money to risk a more important biological imperative, for a less important one. Such as;

If I don’t quit smoking, I lose $1000 I need for food this month.

(seek food > seek pleasure)

If I don't make 500 sales calls this month, I lose $500 I need for rent.

(seek shelter > avoid pain)

If I don’t workout, I lose $150 I have to pay for the heating.

(avoid pain > seek pleasure)

This is how and why Bethabit works.

When your brain knows it's not going to quit, your body will adapt to whatever infront of it.

That's how your mind and body becomes one. As a result of a no-return-back situation.

Bethabit makes you create that no-return-back situation now.

Start a free challenge now to see how the process works.